Accreditation Rules

  • VBC’s Accreditation Services VBC’s Accreditation provides the means for assessing the technical competence and integrity of organizations offering specific services. Accreditation therefore functions as a form of quality assurance for customers looking to make use of an organization's services.
  • VBC is known for accrediting training organizations that deliver professional training and certificates .
  • VBC has continually developed and adapted its accreditation processes with three clear objectives: - To ensure the market has absolute confidence in the services provided by our accredited organizations -To Distinguish from market sector competitors - To help our accredited organizations develop and extend the market for their services - To ensure that, while our accreditation processes remain rigorous and demand a high standard, we do not place unnecessary burdens on those we accredit.
  • Organizations that have been accredited by VBC will naturally have an edge over their competitors - having been recognized for competence, integrity and quality of services delivered.
  • The VBC Certification Service work with organisations ranging from small consultancy firms to large training providers, multi-national corporations, conference & events organisers . Organisations become VBC members in order to: • Meet the right target audience • Present knowledge as industry experts • Provide structured accredited VBC to delegates • Increase delegate bookings for events and courses
  • VBC provides several accreditation services: Training Accreditation: We accredit training organizations, trainers and course materials. Consulting Accreditation: We accredit consulting organizations and individual consultants, who can then offer a variety of services to clients, including maturity assessment The VBC Accreditation Service helps organisations formalise knowledge into a structured and recognised approach to meet those expectations. This means that your formally certified VBC materials are more likely to become accepted and welcomed by your audiences. Accredited Training Organization's that display the VBC-accredited badge inspire confidence in prospective candidates that they are in expert hands. There is an increasing expectation for professionals to undertake Continuing Professional Development regardless of industry sector, career level, job role and responsibilities.


Accreditation Form