Victoria Business College has a reputation for excellence in professionally relevant teaching and learning and for high quality research. Offering 128 training courses, we place particular emphasis on providing international opportunities for VBC students in order to ensure that we provide an environment where students can develop skills, competences and knowledge required by the global economy. Victoria Business College is distinctive and private college with long traditions and modern values.

We seek the highest distinction in research and scholarship and are committed to excellence in all aspects of education and transmission of knowledge. Our research and scholarship affect every continent. We are proud to be an international scholarly community which reflects the ambitions of cultures from around the world. Our Vision VBC will continue to one of the UK's leading Colleges and recognised as a modern civic colleges delivering solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. Our Mission VBC will provide a high quality training and learning experience for students shaped by providing opportunities to enrich our students, partners and the wider society through learning, training, research and knowledge transfer nationally and internationally.

Our Values Observing VBC's founding ethos of 'the pursuit of truth in the company of friends', the College is committed to:

The transformative capacity of business training for individuals, communities and society. We know that without risk there’s no innovation. We’re bold enough to question ideas, provoke new ways of thinking, and focus on those things at which we can excel. Equality of educational opportunity; Advancing knowledge through independent research and academic enquiry; Environmental and economic sustainability.

Delivering high quality service and experience in all our activities; Empowering each other to act in a principled manner and to take appropriate risks to do what is right to fulfill our mission Whether it’s Human Resources, Management or Marketing Sciences, whatever your area of study in business and mangement studies, we deliver a unique and international training and learning experience. Our training programmes  have always been distinctively challenging, flexible and foster a broader based knowledge. We teach in small groups, provide one-to-one access to our professionals and value the quality of our training and learning as highly as our research. We acknowledge and celebrate our successes and achievements, but we never rest on our laurels. Continuing to improve and enhance the experience and opportunities offered to our students is the driving force for the whole College – our pioneering work in improving graduate prospects, our innovative approach to cultural partnerships are setting benchmarks for the essence of college life in the 21st century. We have an open and enthusiastic professional community operating in world-class facilities. Diversity is valued; endeavour is supported and achievement is celebrated.

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